Hemostatic Agents

Temporary Topical external hemostats that are fast, safe, easy to use and effective.  Our proprietary chitosan granule technology has been proven to control bleeding on a broad variety of wounds, even in the presence of common anticoagulants and shows many of the characteristics of an ideal hemostat, including cost-effectiveness. (Johnson et al, Milner et al & Snyder & Sigal et al, 2013)

Excessive bleeding can put patients at risk and lead to complications, including death. According to a 2018 review, every year more than 60,000 Americans die from uncontrolled hemorrhage or blood loss.
(Cannon, J. (2018, January 25). Hemorrhagic Shock. The New England Journal of Medicine, 378, 370-9)

Hemostatic agents offer an effective tool to stop excessive bleeding. Hemostats that work independent of the body’s natural clotting cascade may offer benefits to patients with impaired coagulation.

OMNI-STAT® and CELOXTM are powerful hemostatic agents for medical professionals designed to stop difficult to control bleeding on a broad variety of wounds in a diverse patient population. Hemostatic agents can be used for various applications across the hospital including:

  • Injuries presented in the emergency room such as acute traumatic wounds like arterial bleeding, avulsions, punctures, skin tears and lacerations
  • In the operating room for bleeding control including oozing from sutures and the wound clinic for post sharps debridement (Snyder and Sigal, 2013)

Our proprietary technology has been used successfully since 2006 and significant investment has been made to provide a fast, safe and effective solution to control minor, moderate and severe bleeding even in the presence of common anticoagulants (Johnson et al).

OMNI-STAT is indicated for minor external bleeding from wounds and procedures (Rx) is indicated for use as a temporary topical dressing for bleeding control associated with minor wounds, including control of minor external bleeding and exudate from sutures and/or surgical procedures.

OMNI-STAT and CELOX are indicated for moderate to severe external bleeding wounds (Rx) is indicated for temporary external treatment for controlling moderate to severe bleeding.

CELOX Vascular is indicated for the local management and control of surface bleeding (Rx) from vascular access sites, percutaneous catheters or tubes utilizing introducer sheaths up to 16 French.

Graph : hemostatic agent time to clot blood

Graph : Quality of tissue after use of hemostatic agents

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