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OMNI-STAT® and CELOXTM Hemostatic agents are marketed by Omni-stat Medical Inc, which has recently been established in 2018 with a small direct team of experts.

OMNI-STAT and CELOX are brand names of equivalent proprietary chitosan technology.

CELOX has a long history of use in the military since 2006 and has been added to the military’s Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care’s (CoTCCC) guidelines for control of hemorrhage as an approved hemostatic agent for military-wide use.*  

Omni-stat Medical Inc is proud to offer our 510k cleared hemostats with unique chitosan technology to hospitals throughout the United States.  

*For Military & Civilian use of CELOX Products please visit www.celoxmedical.com

What is OMNI-STAT?


OMNI-STAT is an ideal and effective temporary topical external hemostatic agent. It is a fast, safe and effective method for controlling minor, moderate and severe bleeding (Snyder and Sigal, 2013 and In-Vivo Studies).

It is made of a proprietary composition which contains chitosan in the form of macroscopic high surface area granular flakes designed for maximum effectiveness in controlling bleeding.

It is available in a number of formulations. For more information click on See products.


See products

Chitosan technology

Our products are chitosan derived hemostats. The technology behind this is unique and proprietary.

chitosan derived hemostat

Chitin - a natural polysaccharide (Singla and Chawla, 2001), is a homo-polymer composed of the glucose derivative N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc). It is the structural element in the exoskeleton of crustaceans (i.e. crabs, shrimp) and the cell walls of fungi. Chitin sourced for OMNI-STAT is derived from shrimp and undergoes deproteinization as part of the early processing.

Partial deacetylation of chitin results in the production of chitosan, a polysaccharide comprising copolymers of the amino sugar glucosamine and N-acetylglucomsamine.

Further proprietary processing of chitosan leads to the optimisation and formation of a unique chitosan based hemostatic agent.

For further information, please click the link below and complete the form, to view or download a copy of OMNI-STAT Clinical and Scientific Monograph.

OMNI-STAT Clinical and Scientific Monograph

How our hemostats work?

The mechanism of action occurs through the absorption of fluid in the blood, the granules swell, gel and stick together to trap red blood cells creating a robust mechanical gel-like clot, that plugs the bleeding source and seals the wound (Millner et al, 2011).


This mechanism works independently of classical coagulation pathways (Millner et al, 2010).

OMNI-STAT is easily removed from the wounds after bleeding has stopped (Kheirabadi et al 2009 & Kozen et al 2008). Any residual material can be irrigated away with water or saline.

When a wound is hemorrhaging blood escapes from the circulatory system at the wound site. The body's healing process attempts to seal the damaged blood vessel with a clot, made primarily of platelets and fibrin. OMNI-STAT works by linking to the surface of red blood cells. It absorbs fluid in the blood, swells, gels and sticks together, to create a robust mechanical gel like clot, that plugs the bleeding source and seals the wound. Studies support that this mechanism works independent of the classic coagulation pathways, and has been shown to work even in the presence of clotting dysfunction. From minor to major arterial wounds OMNI-STAT rapidly and effectively stops bleeding.

510k Cleared


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OMNI-STAT® Clinical and Scientific Monograph

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